The mission of Echo Art Gallery is to serve the community of Marion Indiana by exhibiting and fostering the understanding of works of art.

Echo Art Gallery, established In November 2019, serves as a place of visual art, education, and culture. Across 365 days a year, the Gallery offers a full spectrum of special exhibitions free of charge and painting classes for as little as $10 per class.

Echo Art Gallery’s purpose is to promote creativity and offer an art experience. The gallery will support the growth in the careers of artists and be the main advocate for arts and culture in the public.

The gallery provides numerous diverse exhibitions and event opportunities within its space. Artist-organized solo and group exhibitions are emphasized, however, exhibition and event proposals are also welcomed.

Echo’s open approach to programming allows for new ideas and perspectives to emerge. Echo also provides much needed exhibition space for all artists in the community and is a vital supporter of the arts culture in Marion. The gallery not only provides space for local residents to express creativity, the gallery also offers a welcoming creative corner for community engagement, exploration and enjoyment.

Echo Art Gallery emphasizes the work of local emerging artists. The gallery welcomes contemporary visual art in all media, including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, installation, performance, participatory, video and new media. Submissions for specially programmed exhibitions are received on an ongoing basis. For more information about the exhibition space at Echo Gallery, please visit our submissions page.

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After several years of displaying art work around the neighboring cities, Tashema was handed a flyer that would change the trajectory of her “free-time”. Sometimes God moves when you least expect him too. After competing in Community Pitch Night 2019, Tashema N. Davis won second place and Echo was born!

Tashema loves to smile and paint! She can be found painting literally on any and everything. She has a passion for the arts, artist and her community. Tashema believes everyone is a painter; it’s just a matter of what kind of painter.

She is loved by her two daughters and husband Keenan. Tashema loves making friends and feels that everyone who enters the gallery is a friend.

She enjoys portrait oil paintings, meeting the city with love and meeting new people.



Krissy is an advocate for the arts and is excited to work with the art community at Echo Gallery. She has 5+ years of management experience. She is a mom of one. Krissy enjoys portrait photography, SFX makeup and enhancing the gallery with fresh ideas. Krissy enjoys quality time spent with her family. Krissy started assisting with the gallery in September 2020.